Case Study: Interview with Lukas Lovrek, CFO of Basenbox

Basebox Food Service Vienna

Lukas, you are the CFO of the Basenbox. Maybe you would like to tell us briefly what Basenbox does and what your job is?

Of course, we at Basenbox specialise in the topic of alkaline nutrition and have the great goal of making the benefits of alkaline nutrition accessible to everyone. Specifically, we are currently offering a cure programme in Vienna, where we cook and deliver fresh food every day. In addition, a few weeks ago we published our AlkalineBook - a 7-day do-it-yourself alkaline week with background knowledge, recipes and tips & tricks for everyday life. There will also be other big news in the near future, but we won't reveal that yet ?

My job is basically to keep control of our figures and to plan. In addition, I look after the areas of sales and business development, or take care of all kinds of administrative things and coordination.

You are a young company, but you have already had some great successes. There are awards, the "Austria Bio Garantie" certification and now also your own book! Where do you see the most important priorities for Basenbox in 2019?

Thank you! ? The most important priority is clearly to make the benefits of the alkaline diet accessible to even more people and to bring the issue of raising awareness even more to the fore. In this sense, the focus is currently very much on the marketing area.

Lukas Lovrek, CFO of the Basenbox
Lukas Lovrek, CFO of the Basenbox

What challenge does your company's development pose to you as CFO?

The biggest challenge is planning, formulating goals and controlling them. We are - fortunately! - very strongly, but we have very little historical data on which to base valid statements for the future.

And how important is the topic of liquidity for you?

The issue of liquidity is enormously important for us. We have no external investors or financiers and finance ourselves accordingly from cash flow. Without liquidity planning, we would reach our limits very quickly. Fortunately, Commitly is a great and, above all, inexpensive help!

By the way, my favourite function in Commitly is the TARGET/ACTUAL comparison which makes it possible to immediately see the deviation of the individual cash flow items and to search through the transactions behind them with a simple click.

What advice would you like to give other entrepreneurs regarding liquidity?

Especially with seasonally fluctuating business, always keep a close eye on the coming months to have a feeling for the medium to long-term effects of current spending or investment decisions.

Do you want to tell us what will happen next with the base box? What can we look forward to?

Especially in April, there are some very, very exciting things ahead of us. As I said, I'm not allowed to reveal more details yet, but we certainly won't be bored - quite the opposite. ?

Thank you very much for your time!

About Lukas Lovrek
Lukas is the numbers man at Basenbox - he takes care of everything administrative, as well as finance, sales & business development. Click here for the LinkedIn profile of Lukas Lovrek

About the Basenbox
We are not a delivery service - we are a well-being service.
The BASENBOX offers multi-day nutrition programmes in Vienna and supplies you with three wholesome, organic & alkaline meals every day to increase your general well-being. Click here for the Alkaline Box

Credits: Photo by Basenbox 

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