Crash Course

Liquidity management and liquidity planning for entrepreneurs

The aim of this course is to provide a quick overview of the importance of liquidity planning. The individual chapters are a summary of the most important points including short videos, supplemented by links to the COMMITLY Help Centre and in-depth articles. As a bonus, there is a free eBook with tips & examples.

Chapter 1 : Introduction Liquidity Planning

Short introduction, overview of the course. Balance between theory and practice 2min.

Chapter 2 : Why liquidity planning at all?

Summary of the most important points about the importance of liquidity planning for companies and entrepreneurs as well as managing directors. Collection of links to our theory sections

Chapter 3 : What quality should the result of liquidity planning have?

Despite all the pragmatism, liquidity planning must meet certain minimum criteria. Liquidity planning as part of reporting and on the distinction from accounting.

Chapter 4 : How to prepare a liquidity plan?

We all know liquidity planning from our private lives. But how do you create it? About the basic procedure for liquidity planning and COMMITLY. 

Chapter 5 : Short-term liquidity planning with the help of open items

The focus of the short-term liquidity analysis is the management of open items. However, the analysis is limited to the period of payment terms for incoming and outgoing invoices. Incl. short video.

Chapter 6 : What is the usual procedure in COMMITLY?

COMMITLY's focus is on medium- to long-term liquidity planning. Especially in a crisis, long-term liquidity planning is essential and, above all, provides much-needed guidance. In the UK, planning over 36 months is required in order to apply for aid loans.

Chapter 7 : Webinar on Short-Time Work (in Austria)

For many Austrian companies, short-time work is one of the solutions to overcome the liquidity bottlenecks that have arisen due to turnover shortfalls, bottlenecks in the supply chain, compliance with Corona protection measures and much more. But can Austrian companies really afford short-time work? COMMITLY partner FinancePartners on how to create a liquidity plan with COMMITLY explained with a simplified example for Austrian SMEs.

Bonus: Free eBook Tips & Examples

Liquidity management is an essential management task to ensure the continued existence of a company. So is digitalisation. In this book we provide tips for efficient liquidity planning, benchmarks and let experts have their say.

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