Cash flow management for small businesses

eBook: Tips and examples from entrepreneurial practice

Liquidity management is an essential management task to ensure the continued existence of a company. So is digitalisation. In this book we provide tips for efficient liquidity planning, benchmarks* and let experts have their say.

* Did you know, for example, that the average small business in the US has a cash reserve of only 27 days ?

About the eBook

COMMITLY was developed by passionate entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, predominantly for small and medium-sized enterprises. The starting point: your own question "How is the account balance developing?" - What is possible, what is not? Where is there a need for savings? Can I hire an additional employee?
These are the questions that, in the experience of the developers, every entrepreneur asks himself. Budgeted balance sheets, P&Ls and the like are of little help when it comes to concrete entrepreneurial decisions. What counts is the cash flow.

We are financial experts, have worked as finance directors in large companies, advise companies on our own and have made the experience that at the end of the day we are always confronted with the same questions: Can we afford additional marketing? Can we hire employees? How will the company look in 3 months? In short, it's all about liquidity and the resulting room for manoeuvre.

In other words, cash reserves are a key measure of the vitality, resilience and security of a small business.

20 Contributions

58 Pages

A collection of tips and case studies from the last 12 months of COMMITLY. Written by COMMITLY's founders, friends, business partners and clients. Simple and pragmatic. Less focus on theory than on practicability.
Exciting also the highlights from a study of over 500,000 small businesses in the US, which underlines the importance of cash flow management.
Including a brief description of COMMITLY's approach to cash flow planning.

Content of the eBook

So what?
as a decisive factor

Cash is King
Cash flows, account balances, liquidity reserves

Liquidity management
Tips & Case Studies

Structure and function

Tips from experts
Rules of thumb, mistakes, insolvency




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