Team collaboration

Turn cash flow management into teamwork

Full control over cash flow information through roles and permissions and sharing capabilities down to category level

Roles and permissions for your team

You can add as many team members to your account as you want, depending on the COMMITLY edition.

Assign appropriate roles and permissions.


Cash flow roles and permissions
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For us, the best choice for liquidity planning. At Modoplus, we value clear tools that significantly increase efficiency in everyday life - for liquidity planning, we found COMMITLY. It is clear that the tool has been developed by people who know and understand the challenges of financial planning for young companies.

Julian farmer

Julian farmer

Founder & CEO Modoplus GmbH

Cash flow unit
Cash Category Manager

Cash flow units - the smart way to delegate

Define cash flow units and distribute responsibilities across your team.

The selected team members will have access only to the shared categories.

Turn your teams into entrepreneurs in the company with cash responsibility!

Company groups - client management

In the Professional Edition, each company created is treated as a separate client.

Therefore, team members from one company cannot see or access the other companies.

Custom roles and permissions can be assigned at the group or sub-group level.

Cashflow Company Group Add Team Member

Best liquidity planning tool and business lifesaver. Commitly helps us to plan our financial scope at any time. The intelligent forecasts and the direct connection to our accounting are especially great.

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Michael Hunter

Michael Hunter

Managing Director huhuco UG