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Where did the money go?
Day-by-day overview of liquidity

Cash flow management starts with the current account balance and the presentation of past receipts and payments. The best way to do this is on a daily basis and on the basis of a best-practice template.

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Always up to date through the connection with your accounts

Link all relevant online accounts and synchronize up to 4x per day. This way you always have an overview of the latest liquidity status. 

The connection is based on the legally regulated PSD2 interface.

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A company's success, growth, and survival depend not only on its profits, but also on its ability to generate or otherwise obtain cash.

A cash flow plan helps you understand how the business generates and uses cash, and can also provide insight into the amount, timing and certainty of future cash flows.

e-learning, IAS 7 Cash Flow Statement Module

Professional cash flow calculation according to IAS 7 and IDW

COMMITLY's template calculates cash flow using the direct method, based on IAS 7, ensuring professional planning, ideal for financing discussions.

Customize the template? Easily customize COMMITLY's best practice template to fit your organization.

Creating new categories, forming sub-categories, etc. - our help area is always there for you!

Calculate Cash Flow Template

Why an Excel liquidity analysis is superfluous! No more manual Excel sheets and thus the effort is significantly reduced. In addition, the quality of the figures increases significantly and provides security in this sensitive topic.

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Swen Göllner

Swen Göllner

Managing Director Bimanu

Categorization wizard
Bank transactions search
Rules for transactions

Automated categorization of transactions

The transactions of the linked accounts are an important source of information. COMMITLY assists in categorizing the transactions to your defined categories with rules and artificial intelligence based proposal algorithm.

This gives you free choice how far you want to automate the categorization!

Always up-to-date cash status with drill-down options

Day-accurate chart with always current cash status

Daily Cash Status

Clear, rolling liquidity forecast

Overview of current period

Deviations by categories

Cash variances by category

Reports - share cash flow information

COMMITLY offered a variety of ways to export your cash flow plans and reports.

pdf, xlsx or via the API, you have full flexibility over your data.

Cahflow reports and export options
Cash flow report
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If you want to save time and get away from Excel spreadsheets, this is the software for you. I have not found anything better.

Robert Schlegel

Robert Schlegel

Managing Director BMU Veranstaltungstechnik

Template? Cash flow planning at the push of a button!

What's better than a template? That's right! The first draft of a cash flow plan that is just waiting for your adjustments.

Cash flow planning scenarios