sevdesk commitly integration

sevDesk integration

Overview of your liquidity! By linking COMMITLY to your sevDesk account, your open items are automatically transferred to the liquidity planning.

COMMITLY & sevDesk

Automagic liquidity planning for your accounting!

Do you appreciate working with your tax advisor with the help of sevDesk? Especially the relief with commuting folders? Only the evaluations, especially for liquidity, could come faster?

Then you will love COMMITLY. Always an up-to-date overview of liquidity! We stand for simply better liquidity management.

sevdesk commitly integration
Manage open item status

Open item monitoring

The outstanding payments are displayed in a clear list after integration with sevDesk. Overdue invoices are automatically recognised and marked in red.

The status of the invoices is also displayed in colour and can be handled flexibly.

Automagically to the liquidity plan

Do you already have a liquidity plan? By creating the open items list you get certainty about your target achievement!

Don't have a liquidity plan yet? COMMITLY transfers the open items into a best practice template and thereby creates the first draft for you automatically!

The connection? Refreshingly unspectacular!

Through the connection with sevDesk, all invoices that have not yet been paid are imported into COMMITLY via interface at the push of a button.

This automatically creates an easily readable open item list. In the list, different statuses can be assigned to the individual items - regardless of whether they are incoming or outgoing invoices. Colour highlighting supports the readability.

Of course, the open items are also taken into account in the liquidity planning! This gives you an immediate overview of your short-term liquidity development - accurate to the day!

  • First click on your own user name in the left-hand menu under "Settings > User".
  • There you will find information about your API token.
  • Click on "show" in the API token field.
  • An API token appears, which can be copied and pasted into the clipboard.
  • Click on "Setup > Integrations".
  • There you click on "Connect sevDesk".
  • Enter the copied API token here.
  • In the "Open items" menu you can now synchronise your account by clicking on "Load sevDesk invoices".

Liquidity planning made easy - All decisions firmly under control.

COMMITLY is your software tool for better liquidity and cash flow management - developed by financial experts and entrepreneurs who know what matters in financial planning.