Liquidity planning: a clear view into the future

Cash flow at a glance - finally an end to Excel!

Always being solvent is the most important thing
for entrepreneurs. With COMMITLY, they have
liquidity under control - so they can sleep peacefully.

Cash flow planning overview

Why plan at all?

It's all too easy to get bogged down in day-to-day problems and lose sight of the big picture. So why do liquidity planning at all?

Because the options for action in the event of liquidity bottlenecks in small companies are severely limited. And unfortunately, far too often the need for action is only recognised very late.

Always up to date

No more manual lists or csv imports - connect your company's bank accounts and synchronise transactions.

Pragmatic and flexible

COMMITLY is your tool. Detached from the legal requirements of accounting - just plan away. You will make better decisions!


How you manage your business is unique. Adapt the COMMITLY categories to your requirements. Our AI, your assistant, will then already support you with the categorisation!

Create plans + compare

Plan the next 3 months or a whole financial year. COMMITLY supports you in controlling and automatically creates a rolling plan for you; multi-year planning included.

The Forecast - the always up-to-date overview

Create an up-to-date overview of your expected liquidity development with COMMITLY. Turn your assumptions into measurable budgets.

COMMITLY keeps this forecast up to date by linking it to the bank accounts. Rolling planning is so easy!

Accounting is no help in monitoring - and neither is Excel. With the help of COMMITLY, use your company's bank data to plan the next 3, 6, 9, ... months.

Planning for professionals

The main goal of liquidity planning is to always have an up-to-date overview of the liquidity development. An ever-changing forecast and a plan that is fixed and to be achieved at the beginning of the year are thus a contradiction.

Not with COMMITLY! In COMMITLY you can easily implement your planning process, no matter how many plan revisions per year. Controlling and deviation analyses included!

What do our customers say?

Angela R.
Managing Director, 1-10 employees
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Cool tool, I wouldn't want to do without it. Every small business should have it. High utility value, very fast support, good price-performance ratio, pleasant GUI.
Lars W.
Controller, 1-10 employees
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With Commitly we can see exactly how long our runway is. If we see a potential gap, we can take early action based on this knowledge to avoid getting into trouble. Great support and a great tool!
Lukas Lovrek
CFO, Base Box, 11-50 employees
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Very simple and efficient way to keep the cash flow in view and under control. Great clarity of the user interface - Quick comparison of target/actual and forecast with forecast & budget - Clear report export for other stakeholders (banks, investors,...). Unreserved recommendation
Marco Konzelmann
Managing Director, Quadrex, 51-200 employees
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For me, the best liquidity management tool in terms of price - performance - availability. The simplicity of the daily account information. The ability for Commitly to learn with each transaction. No matter where you are, you are always able to monitor your liquidity.
Markus B.
Managing director, 11-50 employees
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Easy to use & learn - Clear planning is possible - Direct link to the bank account and automatic import of transactions - Super service and support!!!! - Value for money - They are always working on improving the features and the users are involved. Very good!
Florian Richter
Managing director, 1-10 employees
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With Commitly, my brother and I finally found a modern and reliable solution to map and manage our cash flow after taking over our parents' business. Super operation, well thought-out concept, graphically high-quality user interface, fast support.
Robert Schlegel
Managing director, 11-50 employees
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You can't get more efficient than this! If you want to save time and get away from Excel spreadsheets, this is the software for you. I haven't found anything better.
René E.
CEO, 11-50 employees
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I am thrilled. After 4 controlling/accountants/tax advisors/experts in the last five years didn't make it, we now have real-time cash flow transparency with Commitly. As an entrepreneur, I now know exactly and on a daily basis until when the financial resources will last. For businesses that have a good product/service and are investing in growth to scale, Commitly helps greatly. We are happy.

Cash flow planning made easy - All decisions firmly under control.

COMMITLY is your software tool for better liquidity and cash flow management - developed by financial experts and entrepreneurs who know what matters in financial planning.