Open items in cash flow planning

The management of open items, i.e. receivables and payables, has a direct influence on the liquidity of the company.

Manage your company's open items easily with COMMITLY. 

COMMITLY Open items
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Create open items list

Your company has special requirements. We offer the greatest flexibility in creating the open items list. From simple, manual creation of entries, to csv / xls upload, to integration with your invoicing tool (such as sevDesk).

Monitor open items

The outstanding payments are displayed in a clear list. Overdue invoices are automatically recognised and marked in red. The status of the invoices is also displayed in colour and can be handled flexibly.

Manage open item status
commitly open items management

COMMITLY flexes its muscles

Do you already have a liquidity plan? By creating the open items list you get certainty about your target achievement!

Don't have a liquidity plan yet? COMMITLY transfers the open items into a best practice template and thereby creates the first draft for you automatically!

Open item management

A picture says more than 1,000 words. And a video? See how we create a liquidity plan within 7 minutes on the basis of an open item list!

Cash flow planning made easy - All decisions firmly under control.

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