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Do SaaS companies use contracts, products or orders in Salesforce to track subscriptions and renewals? (Quora)13 min read

Hi there, as you are new to Salesforce.com (company) I assume you are in your early days. First, congratulations that you use Salesforce. As Jason M. Lemkin pointed out this is the tool to go for, especially as SaaS startup. And I perfectly agree on that.

Our Situation

We are in a similar situation right now. I setup my web application and polished the business model processes. Sales is an important part, so I also went with Salesforce. I do have some experience with it as we also use it in another portfolio company.

Maybe I briefly explain how our process works right now. Subscriptions / subscription management is handled from within the web application by using our payment gateway Braintree (company) in combination with an add-on (Chargebee Subscription Billing). This gives us transparency over all SaaS relevant metrics and keeps track of churn, renewals, etc. Salesforce is used to keep a database about all customer activities. We also connected Customer Success (Zendesk (company) ) and Marketing (HubSpot (product) ) to it.

Salesforce – Products, Orders, Contracts

A typical Salesforce process could look like this. (1) You define and set up Products. Based on your (2) Leads you define (3) Opportunities and associate Products to this Opportunities. Then you can create (4) Quotes based on these Opportunities. Then you can convert (5) Quotes to Orders. Activated Orders are displayed as contracts. As Peter Johnston pointed out, this is the “old” process of selling.

You may want to check these keywords for a better understanding: Convert opportunities to quotes. Convert quotes to orders.

As you are SaaS, you need to figure out what of that will be accomplished in your application and what in Salesforce. (If you are primarily relying on outbound sales, this could be Salesforce.) (1) will probably be handled in your application together with your payment gateway. (4) and (5) depend on how you handle the registration process and whether you have something like trial periods, etc.

In our case, we are only syncing active subscriptions back to salesforce as contracts. And we use Salesforce for outbound activities.

One word about add-ons. I also was very reluctant about this in the beginning. But sometimes add-ons can make your life way easier.

Hope thats helps.

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