We live numbers.

We have decades of experience in managing large and small companies. Whether listed on the stock exchange or privately owned. Our main focus has always been the management of finances, of numbers. Always out of necessity - often out of necessity.

Some think we are killjoys.

Money isn't everything, it's the only thing. Sounds cruel, capitalist, contemptuous of people. But it's not. It's just an abbreviation. Something that every entrepreneur knows only too well. When there is no Cash position left, that's the end of nice ideas. Then it's all about focus. Focus on the next turnover, the next financing or, unfortunately, the necessary cost savings.

We see companies as organisms that breathe money in and out.

Our experience has taught us one thing: to focus on the essentials. While we implemented every conceivable target, goal, report in our large companies, we recognised the original and simple meaning of cash flow. At the end of the day, each of our companies was and is managed with this realisation.

Many people think we are freaks.

Many see the strong orientation towards numbers as a restriction, we see it as an unleashing. Those who have their numbers under control can sleep well and recharge their batteries. Only with a clear view of the financial possibilities can the ingenious, crazy, creative, courageous and social visions be realised.

We live digitalisation.

Digitalisation opens doors and tears down dams. Whereas just 10 years ago innovations were developed by the few for the few, in recent years an incredible democratisation has begun. Mind & Machine - we use the cloud, artificial intelligence and our experience to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to implement their plans.